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Welcome to JG Scripts! We've been around for over 2 years, and our mission is to build intuitive, affordable and beautiful scripts that work first time, and every time. Every script is highly configurable, and receives regular updates with new features suggested by our awesome Discord community.

What's Included?

Lifetime Access

Enjoy lifetime access to our scripts after a one-time payment along with free updates for the life of the product.

Instant Delivery

Your purchase will be available within minutes in your Cfx.re Keymaster account, ready to download.

Premium Support

We care about what we make - we are here for you in case anything goes wrong, or if you have any questions at all.

Fast, Easy Setup

Even if you are brand new to FiveM, our scripts take just minutes to set up, with our UI-based Configurator tool.


Our scripts are built with security as the top priority, to keep your server safe against hackers and griefers.


Using the latest features of the FiveM platform, our resources use barely any server resource, even during sync & effects.


We work with other leading script creators to ensure our scripts work with the resources you already use, with new integrations being added regularly.

Frequent Updates

We push bug or exploit fixes typically within days, and ship new features on a regular basis. We take suggestions from our awesome community in Discord.

Just Works!

Built for QBCore, Qbox & ESX, our resources just work with your server. Plus, all our resources are universal, so you don't need to re-purchase in case you switch frameworks in the future.


Some reviews from our awesome Discord community.

Avatar of @officermills


I currently use Advanced Garages and Scoreboard and both of them look and perform AMAZING!! The configurator website for the garages makes life super easy/user friendly for those new to script configuration! The impound features for the garages is also a HUGE plus. Proud to say this is the only garage script I would ever even consider using.

Avatar of @bloodbane


We've been working on a server for the best part of a year, on and off, as we tie everything together and I was dreading the final stages, such as vehicle shops etc This has completely blown all that worry and concern away. It's set up is flawless, it's usability is amazing. It's interactiveness for the player is fantastic! Well done and congrats on such a solid resource!

Avatar of @itzik.barazni


I had a problem with the script, I immediately opened a ticket and they helped me very quickly. The script also ran very smoothly and without problems. I highly recommend it!

Avatar of @provo


Ever since I saw the online configurator for the dealership and garage script, I knew these scripts would be in depth and highly customizable. Boy am I impressed with the work, integrations, and configurations these scripts have. These are hands down the best scripts of these types you could get for your communities. I am anxious to see what else they come up with.

Avatar of @powerlocke96


Alpha & James helped me in a professional way and even added me to a VC to check some additional things where I was interested in. Very friendly and helpful, I can definitely recommend!

Avatar of A Dog

A Dog


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