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The Highlights (TL;DR)

  • 🔧 Tuning: Full range of options including DLCs, self-service or mechanic service, and camera previews. Configurable disabled options.
  • 🎨 Respray: Advanced colour choices with search, sync, and RGB selection + unique chameleon effects.
  • 💵 Pricing: Customizable per tuning category; proportional to vehicle value if desired.
  • 🚗 Advanced Vehicle Stance: Adjust suspension, camber, and tracking per wheel; fully synced and saved.
  • 🛠️ Repairs: Self-repair at tuning locations or use kits; duct tape for quick fixes. Pricing relative to vehicle value.
  • 🔍 Servicing: Mileage-based wear requiring mechanic visits for part replacements.
  • 🏁 Performance Tuning: Beyond GTA basics with custom options for engines, tyres, and brakes. Supports streamed engine sounds.
  • 📊 Dyno: Tablet-based performance testing with detailed stats and graph display.
  • 🧾 Invoices: Automated for tuning and services; editable, saveable, and resendable.
  • 💡 LightingControl+: Control RGB xenons and underglows with effects with an item.
  • ↕️ Car Lifts: Custom, usable car lift prop, job locked to mechanic businesses.
  • 📦 Items: Functionality can be tied to inventory items like the tablet, stance, parts and more.
  • 🪝 Webhooks: Discord integration for logging and notifications via multiple URLs.
  • 🔄 Sync: OneSync Infinity state bags ensures performant effects and animations are synced to all nearby players.
  • ⚙️ Performance: Highly optimized script maintains low resource use, even in large servers.
  • 🧡 Support: Lifetime updates, 7-day-a-week personalized support via Discord, and a 7-day refund policy.


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🔧 Tuning

Tune your vehicles with every possible option available, including the latest DLCs, such as the 7 new vehicle plate options from Chop Shop. Browse available modifications through the sleek user interface, and choose whether players can apply and pay themselves, or place an order for a mechanic to apply. Preview your modifications is made easy with automatic camera angles, or a free camera so you can see how your vehicle looks at just the right angle. You can disable certain tuning options via the config.

🎨 Respray

Create unique vehicle colour combinations with our advanced respray options. Choosing just the right base GTA colours is made easy using search, primary/secondary sync and pearlescence toggle; although with one click you can select from millions of possible colours with RGB. Or maybe, choose from a unique chameleon colour, even to the wheels or interior (where compatible).

💵 Pricing

All pricing is highly configurable; you can price each tuning category separately, such as performance, cosmetics, wheels, respray and more, in addition to price multipliers. You can set prices in proportion to the vehicle’s value for a fairer world economy (fetched from either JG Dealerships, QBShared or vehicles.meta).

🚗 Advanced Vehicle Stance

Create a truly unique car culture in your city with our advanced vehicle stance tools. Available as part of the tuning menu or as an item, you can adjust suspension height as well as camber and tracking on a per wheel basis. All fully server synced, highly optimised, and saved when storing or retrieving your vehicle from a garage. Build cars you previously didn’t think were possible in FiveM.

🛠️ Repairs

No one wants a broken vehicle. You can choose whether players can repair a vehicle themselves via a tuning location, place an order for a repair, or use a repair kit, or even duct tape for a quick and dirty way to get back up and running. Pricing can also be applied in proportion to the value of the vehicle.

🔍 Servicing

For cities looking to add a further element of realism and give players a way to look after their vehicles outside of crash damage and repairs, vehicle servicing wears out parts of the vehicle on a mileage basis, meaning that after a configurable distance, players must take their vehicle to a mechanic to be inspected and potentially have worn parts of their vehicle replaced to keep it running at full performance. Requires jg-vehiclemileage (free and included).

🏁 Performance Tuning (Engine Swaps, Tyres, Brakes, and more)

Custom tuning options allows mechanics to take vehicles further than stock GTA performance tuning. Pre-configured out of the box with custom engine swaps and sounds (V12, V8, V6, I4), as well as tyre, drivetrain, brake options and more, players can create highly customised vehicles that match their exact requirements. Still not enough customisation? You can create your own performance tuning options via the config, and choose how your options will affect the handling or even the sound of the vehicle. Supports custom streamed engine sounds.

📊 Dyno

Built into the tablet, mechanics can dyno a customer’s vehicle to see it’s current performance. The dyno process takes around 30 seconds to complete, and shows the horsepower and torque of the vehicle as it progresses through it’s RPM range. Once maximum performance has been reached, the vehicle’s statistics will be shown along with the final graph, which can be shared with the customer or other people nearby.

🧾 Invoices

Make sure your mechanics get paid for their hard work. While a mechanic installs tunes, NOS or just services a vehicle, an automatic invoice is created. All the mechanic has to do is input the prices they would like the charge, and they can send the invoice to the customer. No more taking notes, or losing track of what changes have been made to the vehicle. Invoices can also be created from scratch, saved for later, and resent to the customer at a later date. Invoices are synced between all employees of a mechanic business.

💻 Mechanic Tablet

Servicing, dyno, performance tuning, invoices, in addition to fulfilling orders, managing the mechanic business and more is done via the mechanic tablet, configurable as a command or an item. Mechanics can roam around their shop without being tied to markers. You can connect a vehicle to the tablet to commence work on it, or use the tablet for it’s management functionality without being connected to a vehicle.

💡 LightingControl+

Make car meets and driving at night way more fun. With JG LightingControl+, a handy item that lives in your inventory, you can turn on and off your RGB xenons and underglow, as well as use effects such as rainbow or flash to really impress your friends.

↕️ Car Lifts

There is nothing worse than having to “pretend” to use a car lift prop as a mechanic. Why can’t you actually use it so the experience can be way more fun? Well wish no more. You can configure our custom, interactable car lift prop anywhere on the map, automatically job locked to a mechanic business.

📦 Items

Almost every piece of functionality can be configured to use inventory items. Such as the mechanic tablet, tuning order installation, stancing, engine swaps, NOS, brakes, repairs, cleaning, lighting control, servicing and more.

🪝 Webhooks

Logging and administration of mechanic operations in your city is made super easy with our Discord webhook integration. You can up to 7 different webhook URLs, so you can be notified wherever you are when important events happen in your city.

🔄 Sync

There is nothing worse than cool effects and animations that only you can see. Utilising state bags in OneSync Infinity, we have ensured that all animations and effects where possible are fully synced to players around you, for maximum immersion.

⚙️ Performance

A significant amount of time was invested in keeping JG Mechanic as performant as possible, even on large servers. Despite the huge amount of functionality included in one script, we have managed to keep resmon usage at 0.0-0.1ms, except for when using heavy client effects such as stancing, NOS or LightingControl+. We achieved this by using state bags where possible, so we don’t use unnecessary infinite while loops so sync clients.

🧡 Support

Be confident in your purchase. Receive free updates for life (we will never charge for a “v2”), as well as our renowned, high quality support. JG Scripts has been around for over 2 years and offers personalised, 7 days a week support to all customers from our large support team. If anything goes wrong, we offer a 7 day refund policy if we just can’t fix your particular issue, or if you just change your mind.


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